COVID-19 Support

Mountaintop Systems understands that Pharmacy is a critical industry during this global event, providing relief and critical support to all Australians.

As such, we have done as much as we can to shore up our support facilities and continue providing our best-in-industry customer support.

Despite this, all carrier networks have been affected by the drastic surge in demand from workers all across the country transitioning to working from home. In communications with our technology partners in these industries, we have been assured that they are working as hard as possible to boost these stressed infrastructures as quickly as they can. This may take some days to resolve yet.

If you can not call through to us due to carrier congestion in your area, try emailing us instead on

Our phone systems are working well, and we will call you back quickly. Best to also leave us a return mobile phone number as some mobile networks are performing better than landline and VOIP/NBN services in some areas.

We have set up an additional contact point temporarily which can be used during weekday hours if no other numbers are working for you. 0404 867 430.

All of our support staff are working from home currently to do our part in slowing the spread of this virus.

We understand this will be an exceptionally trying time for all of our customers, and we will help you through it wherever possible.